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The Tower Hamlets Foodbank team
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Help fight hidden hunger

Every day in Tower Hamlets, one of the most deprived areas in the UK, over half of its children are in families experiencing real poverty for reasons such as illness, unemployment and debt. With rising food and energy prices combined with low income, children are going hungry every day – with parents having to make the stark choice between heating and eating

Tower Hamlets Foodbank (part of the Trussell Trust UK wide network of Foodbanks), works to tackle hidden hunger through the provision of emergency donations of food (enough for a minimum of three days) and support to those facing real crisis.

No money + no food = crisis.

Founded by Denise Bentley, Tower Hamlets foodbank was launched in the winter of 2010 and is coordinated by the charity First Love Foundation.

Children living below the poverty line
Tower Hamlets Foodbank
Did you know...
In the borough of Tower Hamlets, 72% of its 237,900 residents are deprived.
Tower Hamlets Foodbank
Tower Hamlets - vital statistics...
Tower Hamlets Foodbank   Tower Hamlets Foodbank   Tower Hamlets Foodbank


The average Tower Hamlets salary is £11,400 - compared to a Canary Wharf worker’s average £95,000. That’s 88% less.



Your donations have helped feed more than 3,500 people in the borough so far - an increase of more than 30% in a year.



Child poverty in Tower Hamlets is worse than anywhere else in the UK - with 52% of children living below the poverty line.


Tower Hamlets

About Tower Hamlets

Home to Canary Wharf (which in 2012 will overtake the City of London as the biggest employers of bankers in Europe), it’s hard to believe that the borough of Tower Hamlets is also one of the most deprived areas in London, third overall in the UK.

In the 7.6 sq mile borough with almost a quarter of a million residents, 70% of all households survive on an income of less than £20,000 every year. This has had the most significant impact on the lives of its children and families, resulting in the highest levels of child poverty recorded in the UK.

At Tower Hamlets Foodbank, we exist to improve the lives of those in crisis by tackling the root causes of hidden hunger through support and advocacy.

So what can you do to help? Find out more now.

Tower Hamlets foodbank is coordinated by the charity First Love Foundation. Charity Reg No. 1137819, Reg Ltd Co. No 7193272. Registered in England and Wales.